1971 at 3266 Colby Avenue

Back Row: Left  - Right: Stephen M. Pillsbury Charles A. Pillsbury, Gary Holbert, Carol Sylvia Pillsbury Holbert
Middle Row: Left - Right: Dr. Arthur F. Pillsbury, Anne Pillsbury Gripp, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, Mary Alice Reasoner Pillsbury, Grace Gould (Aunt Grace, formerly married to Mother's brother, Bernal
Front Row: Left - Right: Alice Gripp, standing, Perry Pillsbury Gripp (on horse)  M, psychopath, Eric Scott Holbert

Uncle Rich Gould took the photo during one of our gatherings, which took place when Cap and the Goulds could be with us.  

Family is Important

Family has always been at the core of my being, both defining and challenging me to better understanding, discernment and to learn how to be more giving.  I imagined a future I would share with my siblings, my own children and husband, and where I would enjoy our ever evolving relationships.  We did not know about the family heart issue which had taken two of our grandfathers' sisters.  

We lost all of them far, far too early.  The genealogy page with their stories is HERE.   The  photo was taken in the back yard of our home at 3266 Colby Avenue, in West Los Angeles.  It is the last photo taken of us together before Carol died in 1974.  The Avacado Tree is visible.  

Carol Sylvia Pillsbury Holbert, 36, died on
February 12, 1974.

This is Carol's photo from when she graduated from Venice High. Accepting
Carol's death was hard.  She was so vibrant, determined, beautiful.  At the time of
her death I was carrying my second child, nearly ready to give birth.  Carol, who
was unable to have children had not wanted to see me until after the baby
was born.  With Valentine's Day coming, I had sent off a card telling her how much she meant to me.
It came back to me through the mail, unopened.  

I always say, "I love you," when hanging up the phone or leaving those I love.  
These should never be empty words, but life is uncertain.
So I never leave those words unsaid. 

Mary Alice Reasoner Pillsbury, 76,  died on September 15, 1987 of cancer.

Arthur Francis Pillsbury, 86, died on April 8, 1991 of old age.

Anne AEtheline Pillsbury Gripp, 59, died April 16, 1994 of a heart attack
while showing orchids at an event in Tokyo.

Richard "Rich" D. Gould, 87, of Medford, died Monday (Aug. 7, 2000) at the Waterford at Three Fountains. Arrangements will be announced by Abbey Funeral, Medford.

Evelyn Bashaw Gould, 94, of Medford died Sunday (March 11, 2001) at Three Fountains Nursing Center. Arrangements will be announced by Abbey Funeral, Medford.  Born:  January 26, 1907

Charles Arthur Pillsbury, 59, suffered a stoke-heart attack in 2004.  He
never recovered, dying on September 13, 2008, age 63.

Melinda's Children