Shards of Verse

Shards of Verse is my poetry, written in series.  Each series is exactly 127 poems in length because the number is prime and most of it rhymes.   There are  other reasons, too personal to relate.   If you understand when each was written you have insights into my life, what touched me, moved me, delighted me -  ignited me. 

NOTICE: Poems and lyrics herein are currently or in process of being registered with the Writer's Guild of America (WGA), the American Society of American Composers and Poets (ASCAP) & BMI, or otherwise are or may be in copyrightable material.  Please respect my creativity as intellectual property rights or you will hear from the Don't Tread on Me Property Rights Title Company.
​        Poems from Before the Fall

Dandelion Series
Written for Endurance of Dandelions

First Violet Series  
Written for Remembrance

First Jasmine Series
Written for Insight

First Lilac Series 
Written for Dearest Pleasure

First Rose Series